What kind of coffee can I expect from the Fancy Coffee Test?

Keep in mind, coffee is an agricultural product. It has a growing season and harvest time. Not every type of coffee is available year round and sources that were good last year may not be good this year. Coffee is ever changing which is one of its great challenges and rewards.

But in all cases, you can expect:

  • High quality beans
  • Roasted “Medium” or “Medium-Dark”
  • Mainly single-origin. A good blend from time to time
  • Sustainably farmed & organic where available
  • Sourced from programs that specifically benefits the farmer where available


Can you grind my coffee?

No and for two reasons.

  • It is not a good idea. Coffee is best when it is fresh. As soon as you grind it, the aging process accelerates sharply and I would never be able to get you fresh coffee that is pre-ground.
  • I can’t! I don’t have an industrial grinder.

How do you grade your coffees?

I grade coffee into three categories described below. Keep in mind, taste is highly subjective and personal. A higher-graded coffee will not always taste better to you, than a lower graded one.

  • Special. A “wow” coffee. The wow many be simply because it is exceptional or due to significantly unique quality. These coffees are hard to get either due to high worldwide demand, small available quantities or other factors such as difficulty in export. For example, Yemen, one of the classic origin countries, is in the midst of a civil war.
  • Superior. An “interesting” coffee. This is a specialty coffee which has exceptional qualities. These will typically have interesting characteristics.
  • Good. “Yum” This is your daily-drinker. An excellent, enjoyable coffee. These are my Bassline™ coffees which almost everyone will like and work with a wide variety of brewing methods.