Technivorm Moccamaster Cup-One is a single cup (10oz/300ml) coffee brewer based on Technivorm’s famous 10-cup version. It looks and functions very similarly which is a good thing since the 10-cup version is so beloved. Both of these brewers emulate the manual pour-over technique, but with the repeatability of a machine. Given those qualities, this appliance is ideal for our purposes of testing coffee one cup at a time.

Is it ideal for you? Let’s find out.

The cost is $220(!) and seems to be out of stock (April 2017). I got mine in like new condition, on eBay for $150. The Cup-One doesn’t come up too often on eBay but the 10-cup KBT or KBGT w/thermal carafe does for $170-180 with shipping vs $308 new on Amazon. A major point in Technivorm’s favor, a 5-year warranty with parts availability and a company known for standing behind their product. It may be our only possession handmade in Europe.

Here is the Cup-One’s brew cycle. It spatters a bit at the beginning. By design or not, it adds a bit of a pre-infusion. Brew cycle is just about 4 minutes. This was a fairly freshly roasted coffee so you can see the bloom.

So how does it do? In our opinion and for our purposes, it’s great. It is better than our manual pourovers? Well let’s say this – it brews an excellent cup every time. At our best we might be better than it but when we are not, its beats us. On average, I am sure it comes out on top. If you are a professional barista, you probably would be buying this for its convenience. For the other 99% of us it will probably make better coffee than we will, most of the time.

Alone but not lonely… hmm.

Testing the water temperature which is just below 206°F.

Correct Water Temperature

Ideal water temperature for drip brewing is between 196-205°F (91-96°C). A good drip brewer should deliver a consisten flow of water within this temperature range for the entire brew – which few actually achieve. Most brew too cold. The Moccamaster is nearly perfect and our specific machine keeps it between 200-207°F.

Brewing with the moccamaster and a #1 melita filter... it just barely works and did not overflow, but why take the risk? Use the #2 filter - it fits just right.

Use the #2 sized filter

The smaller filter hits the limit!

What filter to use?

Go for the Melita style #2 size filter. I found that both the Melita type #1 and #2 filters both fit the filter basket just fine however with 18 grams of ground coffee, the #1 filter was at its limit and the water level reached the very edges of the filter but didn’t spill over (see the picture above for reference). The #2 fit just fine (fold the bottom and side seam over) and I can’t see any reason you’d want to risk using the #1 since it could overflow if things don’t go perfectly.

Bottom line

It’s not cheap but it’s beautiful in form and function. If you are going to buy a coffee maker and want a one-cup capacity, this is the only one to buy as far as we are concerned. Understandable if you think it’s too expensive but we would suggest you do not buy a lesser machine to save money but stick to pour-overs. We don’t know of a one cup brewer that is worth buying – if you do please let us know.

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